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Assessment Centres

Research has shown that when conducted correctly, Assessment Centres can provide the greatest predictor of success for selecting the right candidate for a job. Momentum works with clients to design assessment centres around the key competencies, core attributes and aligns the recruitment process with the goals and values of the organisation. The main objective of the assessment centre is to provide a well-rounded evaluation of one or more candidates’ ability and motivation to perform in a role. Traditionally Assessment centres were used for volume or large scale recruitment drives but are effective across most roles including, graduate, sales and middle management.

A Momentum Assessment Centre uses a mix of behavioural and psychometric assessment tools that apply to every level of an organisation. Specific exercises might include:

  • Group exercise
  • Role play exercise
  • Case study based analysis exercise
  • Technical / problem-solving exercises
  • Psychometric personality questionnaire
  • Psychometric ability test
  • Competency based interview
  • Competency based referencing

Please contact our Group HR & Operations Manager Liz McDowell on 1800 367 967 for more details