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Unbundled Services

Momentum recognises that at times a company does not need the full comprehensive end to end recruitment service but would prefer to engage an agency who can assist with part of the recruitment process. Our project resourcing team are assigned the key elements of the recruitment cycle a company wants to outsource. The unbundled or partial recruitment service assist clients with finding the right hire while saving on outsourcing fees. Clients can select any of the following components to outsource which Momentum will customise to meet the objectives of each recruitment program.

Pre Selection & Management

Interview & Assessment

Post Interview

  • Recruitment Advertising

  • Resume Review & Shortlisting

  • Telephone Interview

  • Response Management

  • Pre Interview Assessments

  • Interviews – Technical, Behavioural and Organisational

  • Skills Assessment

  • Safety Assessment

  • Psychometric Assessment

  • Team-Based Exercises

  • Verbal Reference Checking

  • Online Reference Checking

  • Candidate Post Interview Management 

  • Exit Interview

  • Client Database Management