Work Experience Noor

24 May 2019 John Akam


Momentum Consulting Group Pty Ltd have recently taken part in a work experience scheme, having a local school student join us for their weeks' worth of work experience.

It has been a pleasure having her in our Parramatta office completing office duties such as reception tasks, administration, payroll, and accounts. 

Noor gave Momentum the following feedback after her week of work experience:

'I completed my work experience at Momentum Consulting this week. It was a great experience and I had a lot of fun getting to know everyone here. They were all so lovely and accommodating. I learned archiving, filing, inventory, ID verifications, steps and procedures to meet & greet candidates, scanning & how to create candidate packs. Thank you for allowing me to complete my work experience with Momentum.'

We thank you for your hard work Noor!