The Momentum Team - What Makes us High Performers?

20 May 2021 Elizabeth Painter

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Do you read Officevibe? If not, I highly recommend it. They are a platform that provides informational resources to businesses to encourage strength, trust and morale within the workplace. One of their excellent materials is the regular blog posts which focus on topics such as Team Development, People Skills, Interviews and Leadership & Culture; all key elements in helping create a sound workplace.


A recent blog posted by Officevibe got me thinking. The post was titled "What Makes a High-Performing Team?" and it gave rise to a question of my own - Momentum is such a high-performing company... why is that? I initially assumed it was simply because of the top quality work we produce, however reading Officevibes blog allowed me to further define this. Momentum has developed 3 characteristics that have taken our team to new heights. 


1. Momentum has a strong sense of purpose

Our team understands the positive impact recruitment has on peoples lives. We are part of a rewarding profession, in which we are involved in both finding people their dream job and helping clients hire strong and talented candidates who can develop their business. In both cases, this purpose is an intrinsic motivator that drives our team to fulfil our job. 


2. The Momentum team is challenged 

Momentum is incredibly 'goal-based.' We set goals, achieve them and surpass them. This has encouraged our team to contiuously learn and grow professionally. Our line of work is no walk in the park! The Momentum team is operating at such a high standard because we are being challeneged every single day, and we respond. 


3. Momentum has a psychological safety 

The team culture at Momentum is incredibly collaborative and open. All of our colleagues are comfortable with sharing new ideas to the team and also providing constructive feedback with one another. Momentum does not fear failure, which is why we are so willing to take risks in pursuit of the best possible outcomes. 


I have come to realise the true meaning of team - with thanks to Officevibe. At it's core, a team is "a collective of individuals that strive to achieve a common goal." Momentum's combined teamwork efforts allow us to be customer focused, produce quality work and deliver value. Momentum was founded on the principles of 'People, Quality & Delivery' and maintaining this focus has given us such an excellent reputation for providing cost-effective workforce management solutions.


Our team has momentum. We are Momentum. 


You can read the full blog here