Top Interview Tips with Momentum

14 July 2021 Elizabeth Painter


Momentum is founded on the principles of ‘People, Quality & Delivery’ and in doing so we have developed a deep caring for our candidates; always striving to provide them with the best opportunities. 

In saying this, I thought it would be valuable to ask our Momentum team what a “stand-out” interview looks like to them so that I could compile a list of Top Tips for anyone preparing for a blue-collar interview.  


After speaking with the skilled recruitment consultants on our floor, here are some of their thoughts...


A successful interviewee is someone who has:  


  • The ability to work on a team: Be sure to discuss your past employment experience and how your contribution to a team has led to the project’s successful outcome. Everyone loves a team player.  


  • Technical Potential: Prepare a list of your techniques and how they have allowed you to effectively perform a broad range of industry specific tasks; be sure to tell us about your most impressive achievements within this technical area.  


  • Proficiency with an array of Tools and Equipment: Your command of construction tools is essential; be sure to list where, when, and how long you have had experience with this equipment.  


  • Respect for Health and Safety Procedures: Any candidate that can identify hazards and control risks are golden in our eyes. Safety doesn’t happen by accident.  


  • Soft Skills: Also make sure to demonstrate your non-technical skills; especially how you interact with colleagues, how you solve problems and manage your time. These skills are just as essential as your ability to operate complicated machinery.  


  • References at the Ready: A big stand out to our recruiters is when a candidate has notified their referees that they are applying for work, preparing them for a potential reference check. Time management is essential within the recruitment industry so if we can minimise small hassles such as this, then we can work harder to place you within your dream job.  


Momentums Top Interview Tips have allowed us to successfully place a variety of staff from white and blue-collar labour hire through to senior management positions across Australia. We hope that it has also provided you with a few tips and tricks to approach your next interview with nothing but confidence.  


Come and test out your new interview skills with us today! We are currently recruiting several candidates to fill job positions within our Trades & Engineering, Warehouse & Supply, Industrial & Manufacturing and Building & Construction divisions.  


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